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Just free your mind~ - kissthebabysky

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June 23rd, 2011

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03:15 am - Just free your mind~
 Watching drama unfold on twitter. Every night, without fail, fandom wars occur. Always the same things. JYJ stans fighting Homin stans fighting OT5 fans. 

Everything is Yunho's fault. He failed as a leader. He let 3 of his members leave. He still cannot sing. He makes one small mistake and everything is suddenly 'Yunho doesn't deserve to be the leader, thank god JYJ left.' 'I watch Kiss and Cry to see him fall.' 'Ha, he's getting old, no wonder he's always injured.' 'He's arrogant and rude.'

Jung Yunho made it his responsibility to wake up before everyone else so that he could wake them up, no matter how tired he was. He knows what to do and is the one who takes on responsibility the best amongst 5. Whenever someone even comes close to hurting Jaejoong, he'd stare down the person. He loves his members like brothers. He continued protecting the name TVXQ for 5, because people were starting to forget it. He has this nostalgic smile whenever he talks about the 3, even though it must hurt like a bitch to talk about them performing as separate units. He worked hard on his singing and now even with colds and stuff, he still does better than the average idol lead singer. He's been skating a matter of months, naturally he'll make mistakes. Cruelty just because you feel betrayed? That's not cool at all. And really, old? He's 2 days younger than Jaejoong, who's old now? He bowed, with Changmin, longer than any other artiste at SM Town Paris even though they were the most senior, the most respected, the ones with the most to be proud of. That's arrogance? Then what are Super Junior, Girls' Generation, Shinee and f(x)? 
So tell me, how is everything his fault? He and Changmin made the choice to stay, Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu chose to leave. You're faulting him for something 3 grown men, with their own opinions, chose to do? He's sacrificed more than you. To judge him based on one thing, how unfair. Blaming him just because you can, just because to your petty little mind, he's the enemy. And yet Changmin lies unscathed. You squeal over Changmin and his body. You laugh at his snarkiness. But he made the same choice as Yunho. Why's Yunho the one taking all the blame? Why don't you blame them all? Blame Jaejoong for being greedy and wanting what should be his. Blame Yoochun for wanting freedom. Blame Junsu for leaving SM, the place where he practically grew up. Blame Changmin for choosing to stay with a company that he deems acceptable.
Jaejoong and Yoochun tattooed 'always keep the faith' on their chests. The 3 have expressed time and again that they wish to be 5. The 2 have said they're waiting for the 3 to return to them. Clearly they hate each other. I've always found it ridiculously unfair how JYJ got so much support while Homin were just left to rot and die. Argue that Homin have the protection of SM, they can go on TV shows, they have the freedom to do what they want, promote wherever they want. JYJ can't go on broadcasts, they can only conduct activities that rely on fan support. But Homin, they have the protection of SM, so what? Fans are abandoning them left and right, calling them hurtful names all the time. JYJ get called names too but their stans... they are insane. They patrol the internet like cops and anything that supports Homin is instantly bashed, whether or not the person also supports JYJ isn't important. Hiding behind k-fans isn't right, applauding them when they do something well and then differentiating yourselves from them when they make a mistake. How can you actually feel proud of yourself? Best of all, accusing people of keeping information from you when they don't translate things and then accusing them of trying to stir up fan wars when they do; please just make up your fricking mind already. I'm not even surprised that so many people just choose not to translate anymore.
Everything is insane right now, it's like Twitter is a battlefield and you have to pick a side or die. You can choose to hide behind a shield of neutrality but one wrong word and insults come flying. Wonderland wasn't this ridiculous.

Current Music: My Destiny - Toho5hinki

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Date:July 2nd, 2011 03:53 pm (UTC)
hahaha I only started using it because it got stuck in my head whenever I tried to pronounce it and now I can't stop >:C PLAN AN OUTINGGGGGGGG

I keep downloading stuff from them, my mac's running out of space :(

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