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To think I almost forgot. - kissthebabysky

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December 26th, 2013

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10:07 pm - To think I almost forgot.
I found this in my mac; translated it back when they'd just released Mirotic and I was still with Yunho-sshi.

Do You Still Remember Those Words? - To Cassiopeia From TVfXQ

Sometimes, I really want to be everyone's boyfriend,
Because I want to listen to every single word you have to say.

The word 'music'
Has let my life, faith, love and every single member of TVfXQ breathe together
Without any selfishness.
I really want to say thank you.

We are singers,
And from now on, we will work harder to present even better songs to all of you.

Be it wind, rain or snow,
Whatever kind of day it is,
When we are on stage, let's feel
How blessed we are to have this time together.

Your position is so very important.
A great position, a great feeling,
I can wish for nothing better.

You really can't cry,
We saw fans crying openly at our showcase,
Whenever we see such scenes,
It's heart wrenching for us.
Our time with each of you
Is so very precious.

The period we've had together, please remember
That we've been very appreciative of each of you and we do want to thank you guys again.
We don't know how we're going to repay the love you've given us.
Other than a grateful heart, there's no other way.
We miss every single one of you too.

Thank you for waiting for us,
We haven't met up for ages, we miss you so much.
So, to thank you all for your love,
We’re working very hard;
To get to where we are today;
To show you the very best of each of us on stage.
Thank you.

Please let us see the red balloons; please cheer for us.
When we're tired, give us strength.

Lies can come true,
The truth can be a lie,
What can’t be changed is the trust we have in each other.

All of you, just like in the beginning,
Don’t waver,
Believe in TVfXQ.

We really want to tell you just how thankful we are,
There’s so much we want to say.
It's been so long, how do we begin?
This is from the bottom of our hearts.
We're sorry for making you guys wait for so long;
We’re sorry to have let you miss us so much;
We’re happier than any one in this world because we have your love.
We're extremely blessed.
We missed you as much as you missed us.

It's not exactly a long period, neither is it short,
But the 1 year and 7 months of your uneasy waiting
Is the reason we're able to stand on this stage again.

The recent meeting of Cassiopeia
Will always have a place in my heart.
I want to always create beautiful memories with you.
This is my (Changmin’s) wish.

It's been so long,
You’ve waited for so long.
Rather than wanting to thank you for your patience,
I feel more apologetic about it.
I'm sorry, and, thank you.

The happiness that can't be seen but only felt with the heart.
Every single word we have for you,
Is there because it's you that make up TVfXQ.

Even if it's 1 year or 10 years,
So as to not give up our present position,
We, we will work towards rewriting history,
Watch us accomplish what others have failed.
Do you believe in us?
We believe in you.
I love you.

Although we've had so much shared happiness,
But it's not the kind of bliss that we have now that matters.
Simply put, what I, Yoochun, would like
Is not to be a successful singer,
But rather, a normal student.
This way, I'll be able to often feel the love you give me, I'll be very content.
After learning what trust is,
I've once again felt friendship and a loving heart.

(I suppose what Chun means is that he wants to be like one of us, and not a star so he can more easily feel our love?)

I really want to hold your icy hands,
You do know my intentions, don't you?
It's so cold and yet you're still giving us support,
The fans who have always been waiting for us,
I'm very grateful but very apologetic as well.
It's hard to put in words how I really feel.
But to each of you, thank you, really.
Having accepted this love,
We will work hard to becoming people who are deserving of such a love.

Whatever we're thinking,
It’s the same everywhere,
We can only think from our perspectives.
When we were in Japan, we really missed you guys.
We're sorry for having let you wait.
We'll accept all the negative things people have said about us, the only thing we can say is, sorry.
Please don't say you'll forget us, don't say you'll stop waiting.
Please wait for us.
The most beautiful thing in the world is being able to love the love you covet.
Right now, we are the most beautiful people in the world, right?
We love you.

To tell the truth, I'm terrified.
I'm afraid that I'll drift further and further away from Cassiopeia,
But we'll be able to bear with it all,
Because our hearts are connected.

If I fall in love with someone I love,
We’ll always be together.
In the future, be it marriage, having kids, or just being so busy that we have no time,
Do miss us.

I want to always be by your side,
Now, cry and smile to your heart's content.

See you once again, my love.

D: I really don't think it needs to be further explained because it's so beautiful. It was such a joy to be the one translating this because it was so touching. This was something meant for all of us and it was gorgeous beyond words can describe. <3
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